5 thoughts on “As if America couldn’t get anymore upside down…

  1. The fact that one would arrest someone for providing sustenance to another; (the sheer act of love is to give your brother or sister what they DON’T have when they are in need) and that it is a “criminal act” in this particular city, breaks my heart.

    I have a soft spot for homeless or displaced people. I’ve volunteered to feed them at our local Samaritan’s Kitchen, and I made it my business to feed and clothe a homeless couple who stationed themselves at the corner of my block for weeks.

    My own mother was terrified of me interacting with them, but I am a big believer in community and providing what I can when I can.

    They would’ve been arresting me, too. And I would’ve still been at it later as well. God bless and keep her.

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    1. Yeah, this really irks me. I have given food to people in need when I was in college in Philly in the 90’s, I’ve also lent time to serving hot meals at a soup kitchen. To me this news is just unjustifiable.

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