Kerfuffle Komics: I SAW one girl*…

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WORDS: Tetiana Aleksina Copyright 2014

ART: M Copyright 2022

*Note: This and any future piece written by the Ukrainian Author is dedicated to the safety & well being of her during the insanity of the Russian Government. Teti has been pretty quiet as of late on the duo blog Unbolt Me, and that causes great concern to me. Thank you Tony from Unbolt Me for the clarification.

I Saw one girl this sunny day <1>
I thought, “The Zombie ate her brain!”<2>
I can position in four lines Her empty likeness…<3>
“My firmament is crystal clear And shimmers like a rainbow sphere.” <4>
It’s not because the world is blameless, it’s just because I am brainless… <5>

The original piece can be found at Unbolt Me.

4 thoughts on “Kerfuffle Komics: I SAW one girl*…

  1. Hi, Matt!

    First, I have to commend you on this brilliant strip. Seriously love your interpretation of Tati’s words here!

    Second, I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that Tati is Ukrainian, still lives in Ukraine, and is thankfully okay… so far. While Russia has been bombing Ukraine non-stop, she has still managed to stay somewhat safe. Your concern for her is truly touching, and does not go unnoticed, believe me!

    Third (and lastly), Tati’s silence is more due to the fact that she’s very much a private person, and so this is partly why I mostly take care of the visible side of Unbolt Me. Tati tends to like working in the background on the administrative aspects of Unbolt Me, writing, and colouring.

    I hope that clears up some details for you. Again, I really love this strip you produced. It’s a great companion piece for Tati’s poem. I think she’s going to love it too (once she sees it). And, again, thank you for your concern. The world needs to keep being reminded of the horror that Putin and his regime are putting everyday Ukrainian citizens through. Still, Ukraine bravely fights back, and will continue to do so.

    Thanks, my friend. You rock! 💙💛

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