Finally saw it on the big screen…

The local art house cinema had a free showing of the 50th anniversary of my all time favorite vampire film, Blacula.

BLACULA (1972)

Dir: William Crain

This was part of a series on black filmmakers of then & now. I was hoping for an enlightened talk before the film, but the young local black filmmaker introducing the film couldn’t even remember the name of the actor in the title role.

After a pause and stumble, I shouted out William Marshall. A highlight of this film is the introduction of the singing group The Hues Corporation. This film appearance landed them a record contract and would score a hit a few years later called Rock the boat.

Yeah this film has moments of high camp and both ethnic and sexuality slurs, but at it’s root it’s one hell of a romantic tragedy.

Mumawalde loves Luva, is cursed by Dracula, ends up in 1972 Los Angeles, meets the reincarnated Luva now known as Tina, spends the film romancing Tina, Tina is shot and Mumawalde has no choice but to make her a vampire now. Eventually she is staked by the heroes of the film, but because Mumawalde’s only reason for living (despite having murdered & turned into vampires about a dozen people) was Tina, he decides to kill himself by burning under the sunrise.

Seriously, romantic & tragic.

Say what you will I love this film. Seeing in a theater brought out a lot details and sounds that you just don’t see on the small screen.

My coworker & friend Cheryl joined me for the showing.

15 thoughts on “Finally saw it on the big screen…

  1. Consider me intrigued, had not been aware of this movie, I am adding it to my Halloween watch list (if can find it 🤣) Seeing as you now spot a Walking Dead Profile image I take it that the anniversary screening was Halloweenesque than just a happy coincidence?


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    1. Yeah definitely not a happy coincidence, not sure when it was released in 1972. I wholeheartedly recommend this film but urge you to avoid it’s awful sequel Scream Blacula Scream at all costs.


      1. Hahaha *noted* will definitely stay away from the sequel…
        I shall return to this post when I have watched this movie before I write my review. ^_^

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    1. Yeah i know you do, i used to. Not so much since the distraction of people on their phones. So i rarely go out anymore. There was a time when i saw a movie Fri-Sat-Sun or tried to see every film nominated for best picture.

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      1. I tend to go early, and I’m careful about seat choice. Realistically, my AMC is rather large, so unless the person is right in front I can’t see texting. And film forum are theater crazies who would publicly flog someone who tried to text


    1. Big time, grew up watching multiple times as a kid. Didn’t take long for horror films of the early 70’s to make it to tv by the mid to late 70’s

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