Foodie Friday: Napoli Pizza & Italian Cusine…

My wife and I heard from one of her friends about a joint in the area that makes Garlic Knot Sandwiches. OMG This joint is amazing.

I tried the London Broil with peppers, onions and provolone. They give you two and it is a bit pricey ($18.95 for mine, $15.95 for hers) but well worth eating one now and the other for later.

My wife had the Chicken Parm with Vodka Sauce.

seriously it’s like 8 garlic knots with stuff between them. The knots add so much more popping flavor than say if this was on regular bread or even garlic bread.

If you are ever in East Bethlehem. Located at 2013 Willowpark Road. Bethlehem Pa 18020 check this lil pizzeria out.

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