Announcing the Fake Teenager Festivus!

Sounds Cool to me

Taking Up Room

We all know teenagers are rarely cast as characters their age, and, as some have noted, teen-oriented shows have become even more prevalent lately. There are a lot of reasons for Hollywood’s chronological smudge tactics. Teenagers, at least those under eighteen, can’t put in as many hours a day, they may be growing or have skin issues or any other issues related to being a teenager and that create continuity problems within a production. It’s obviously not their fault, but it’s just easier to work with young-looking adults or older teens.

The teenager as a recognized age group is a relatively recent concept, as the age of adulthood used to be much lower than it is now, so teen culture wasn’t really a thing until around the nineteen-thirties. Then, among other things, we saw Mickey Rooney (born in 1920) romancing Ann Rutherford (born in 1917) as Andy Hardy and…

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