Word Wednesday: But is it offensive* ?…


I happen to really like this death metal song by Cannibal Corpse. I’m not a huge metal fan or for that matter a death metal fan, but the music has a strong groove and the singing is so guttural that I honestly can’t even decipher what the hell is being sung. The first four albums by this band are reaped in controversy because of the lyrical content.

In May 1995, then-US SenatorBob Dole accused Cannibal Corpse—along with hip hop acts including the Geto Boys and 2 Live Crew—of undermining the national character of the United States.[29] A year later, the band came under fire again, this time as part of a campaign by William Bennett, Senator Joe Lieberman, then-Senator Sam Nunn, and National Congress of Black Women chair C. Delores Tucker to get major record labels—including Time WarnerSonyThorn-EMIPolyGram and Bertelsmann—to “dump 20 recording groups […] responsible for the most offensive lyrics”.[30] [From Wikipedia]

I Cum Blood

Swollen with liquid
Ready to burst
A load of my lymph
Will quench this dead body’s thirst
One month in the grave
Twisted and half decayed
She turned a putrid yellow
I pissed in her maggot filled asshole
Fucking the rotting
My semen is bleeding
The smell of decay
Seeps from her genital cavity
The smell was unbearable as I un-buried her

I cum blood from my erection
I feel it run
Down her throat, swallow

Eyes glassy and vacant
Body dug up to play with
Skin greasy and naked
Tonguing her rotted anus

I need a live woman
To fill with my fluid
A delicate girl, to mutilate, fuck and kill

Her body exceptional
She thought I was normal
But I wanted more
I came blood inside of her
Choking on the clot
Gagging on the snot

Gushing blood, from her mouth
Bloody gel leaking out

Body buried in a shallow grave
Unmarked for none to find
The sickness I have left behind
Undetected go my crimes
The greatest thrill of my life
Slit my own cock with a knife
Violent, climax, surging serum on my skin

Back from the dead
I am resurrected to spew, putrefaction

Yes, truly disgusting as any gore film I’ve ever seen. If you give a listen of this particular song, the only thing I think about when I hear the singing is


8 thoughts on “Word Wednesday: But is it offensive* ?…

    1. Ok. To me, if you can’t decipher the words in any musical no matter how blantanly offensive, it will never come across as such. I mean when you read the lyrics to this song really gross but the way its “sung” laughable

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  1. I always wonder about artists like this- are they only going for shock value (which is what I tend to believe) or is this their world for real when they aren’t on stage? I mean I understand money can buy just about anything, but is there a real market for available dead bodies to have sex with? Not saying you have the inside info on any of that Matt 😉 just pondering out loud.

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