Word Wednesday: When it rains it pours & five of my offline friends are drowning…

Friend #1: 51, Serving Time for Stalking & Harassment. Been 4 years now, no clue when he’s getting out. We do email each other and sometimes talk on the phone for 15 min calls. Sadly not his first stint in prison, but hopefully his last.

Friend #2: 66, Divorced, Sciatica, Broke, Depressed, living in a shitty dark dank gross tiny apartment (paid a bill for him about a year ago) and most recently

“Life is not good. Have the beginnings of Congestive Heart Failure . On meds . No step closer to getting a better apartment. Broken and Broke. Living day by day and taking life as it is given. I’m honestly sorry I can’t say it’s better.”

Friend #3: Going on 52. Not the first time he has been dealing with unemployment, living with his Mom, and dealing with medical issues.

“Long story short – I had surgery booked for today 10/6 but I never made it – I had another pneumothorax on September 16th and emergency surgery about five days after that – I’m in my recovery once again . This surgery should put me in the single percentile of this ever reoccurring again and put my back as close to normal as I’ll ever get . I had a small lung resection- blebectomy- and plueradesis ( they scrape out the interior of your chest so your chest naturally attaches to your lung as it heels . ) I was released from hospital on the 24th of September. I’m about at the two week recovery mark of 4-6 weeks.”

Friend #4: 55. Unemployed. No car. Apartment Dweller.

“Life sucks real bad, just fell in the bathroom and broke my tibiaa.”

Friend # 5: 48. Homeowner, Unemployed, Psychadelics User.

“Hey my man. Internally life is always good… I’m fine. In the world I’ve been better, but I see the light and I’m heading for it.

Money, bad roommate situation, thieving business partner, i gained weight… life is just doing its thing, and I’m growing through it.

As for the urban farming, Oh, the farm is delayed until I evict my problematic tenant.”


so I have a car, I have aches & pains, i gained weight, but I am not dealing with any further medical issues, I don’t do drugs, I have zero convictions in regards to the law, i have a job, i have a happy loving home. I got problems too, but they don’t even remotely measure up to these guys.

11 thoughts on “Word Wednesday: When it rains it pours & five of my offline friends are drowning…

    1. Yeah really, kibd of makes me never want to ask 5 people at one time again “Hows life been treating you ?”


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