Thought of the day: Christian based audience for a non christian centric blog ?…

i often wonder how I got on this Christian Algorithim sending me heavy faith based blogs/followers.

I am pretty choosy as to who I follow back and I do follow some faith based blogs, but it seems as of late every new follower I get is deeply invested in Christ, and that’s not me.

So, at times, I wonder if I offend any of these people ?

I kind of wish i had more freaky people follow me 🀣

25 thoughts on “Thought of the day: Christian based audience for a non christian centric blog ?…

    1. I suppise you are right in that regard, i guess I am just more curious as why those are the only type of follower i keep attracting (i honestly wouldn’t mind a few people that either don’t believe or are fellow artists)


  1. WordPress has some weird stuff going on. After a few months of odd activity on my blog (5 – 10 new followers a day, all apparently bogus accounts) I sent an email to wordpress asking them what was going on. The follows stopped immediately. I got one or two new followers over the next three days. I sent them another email asking what they did and they said ‘nothing’ and then the parade of followers stated up again. Do the christian followers read your posts and interact with you?

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    1. The ones who I follow back do. But Man since day one Ive had fake followers or people that lurk and never like or comnent I have never bern someone to care about Stats especially having a large of people that never take the time to interact. It also gets on my nerves when someone will only make a comment of “please follow my b log” as opposed to offering feedback or criticism on my post.

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    1. Referring to yourself ? Because we have both taken a break from each other at times. By the way, how has Isobel been ?


      1. Your post implies to me that you divide your followers into categories. I suppose we all do. Your stated desire is that freaky followers is your prefence. It diminishes the value of your other followers.

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      2. I do no such thing, Benjamin. I’m just being inquisitive as to why I get so many Christian followers as opposed to say, other faiths. I’m not an atheist, I follow God in my own unique way. I suppose my art just reaches or speaks to more Christians than anything. I suppose I should just accept that and move on.


  2. Funny, I thought this myself before posting one of my poems today. I know I have a handful (I think my use of profanity scares most away πŸ˜‰) of followers with a disclosed faith, so I do worry a tad about causing them offence when I post something critical.

    In the end I just assume folks will either be open minded enough to read and interact with me or just unfollow my blog should any offence occur.

    I do use specific words and terms in the tags for those type of poems though so, when my blog was visible in the reader at least, I guess that’s why folks may have be been drawn to mine. No idea why your blog would attract such a crowd in particular. Perhaps they are faith based with a little ‘freaky’ on the side? πŸ˜‰πŸ–€

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  3. Wish granted! I’m not an artist, but I am a weirdo atheist, so hopefully we’ll get along fine. I also have a lot of religious followers (not just Christian), and some I f/b if they post about other things too πŸ™‚

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  4. I’ve wondered the same thing with my blog. I don’t overtly promote Christianity yet over the years I’ve gained many Christian bloggers. In the last year or so I’ve also gained some Muslim followers. My conclusion is I’m not rude & crude, I’m not shrill– and I’m friendly to all [non-spamming] people. Maybe you are too?


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