Word Wednesday: A look back at the happies from 1978…

So, I wrote a huge essay on everything that haunts my memory. I recently read a fellow blogger doing a throw back Thursday prompt about favorite things from their past. I’ve decided to highlight 1978, the 3rd grade version of myself.

It’s truly hard for me to narrow down to one favorite.

Favorite Relative: My Mom, RN (yet mostly housewife), best friend, creative partner. Next to her, my cousin Becky (the same age as my brother, 5 years older) who just exuded cool. Still close to this day. I think back then I wished she was my sister. My Uncle Bob, who was artistic & collected comics.

Favorite Tv Show: Happy Days, Welcome Back Kotter, Eight is Enough, Wonder Woman, Little House on the prairie, The Gong Show, Candid Camera & What’s Happening! to name a few.

Favorite Album/Song: As a kid I was a huge KISS fan. I specifically loved bass player horror nut Gene Simmons (who I would regret meeting later in life), I had a Meego Gene Simmons doll and his KISS solo album. One of my favorite songs off this very disjointed album was the horror tinged opening track Radioactive.

Favorite School Subject: Art & Reading

Favorite Teacher: Mr. Fehr. He was a very cool teacher. I remember when our class learned about how local government ran, we built a city out of painted card board boxes in the classroom and acted out different city wide departments.

Favorite Friend: From Kindergarten to 6th grade my best buddy was a kid named Michael Kotsch. We rode bikes, played with hot wheels cars, created a club called Eye spy on the private eye. Weirdly later in life Mike would Marry my Dad’s cousin Barry’s Daughter. I don’t really have ties at all to my Dad’s side but it is kind of wild that my childhood buddy married into my family.

Favorite Toys: Aside from the Gene Simmons, I also had a Spider-man and a GI Joe doll with a bat mobile but I didn’t have a batman doll to go with it. ๐Ÿคฃ I loved playing with my Star Wars Action Figures & Playsets.

Favorite Vacation: Yup I will have to go with the one and only time we went to the Jersey shore, specifically Wildwood. Mom & Dad grabbing my hands and picking me up when waves came in, chickening out on Dracula’s Castle but walking thru the very cool King Kong ride. My souvenir from that vacation was a pink cat with diamond eyes. Honestly, family vacations growing up our parents took my brother & I to (drum roll) the horse races. Yeah, definitely not a family friendly vacation.

Lastly Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving. My Mom made the best bread stuffing. I have never been able to replicate it. My wife’s Nana’s recipe came very close. Mom made enough to stuff the bird, enough to put around the bird and additional. It was incredibly addictive. Our family gobbled that bread stuffing more than the turkey itself, in second would be the Good Friday Fish Fry my dad made with scallops, breaded clams & oysters, shrimp & haddock. The reasons for the holidays not so much but the food, mouth waters just thinking about it.

16 thoughts on “Word Wednesday: A look back at the happies from 1978…

  1. I adore the 3rd grade version of you. What a fun way to look back on your childhood and share it here. The Gene Simmons doll made me laugh out loud. OF COURSE you had one!

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  2. Ha! My family vacations to Ocean City Maryland also included a night at the track. I was pretty good a picking ponies by the time I was in middle school. The seventies were… different.

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    1. A night would have been fine, for us it was considered vacation. There was one time we hit penn national raceway near hersey park, my dad drove to a side street so we could see the monorail..whew whoo ! I wouldnt go yo Hershey park till i graduated HS


  3. Can I just say 1978 rocks…however my perspective was from that of an 18 year old new high school grad who had a trip to Hawaii planned- not with family but with friends. I stress- no parents and a legal drinking age of 18 at the time.

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    1. I don’t have a photographic memory, I remember small moments of my life here and there. Mostly bad moments. I think it’s why I am an artist and have worked in quality assurance…I am very observant

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