Drawn with a Promarx Grippy 1.0 & a Faber-Castell Brush Pen, colored with Tombow & Faber-Castell Watercolor Brush Markers

14 thoughts on “Blazing!!!…

  1. Love this feline fellow!

    I wanted to ask you in case there’s something I need to know… if there a reason you hate Amazon? If you don’t wish to say, I understand. It’s just I shop there all the time. This is reason for my wonder.

    I adore your paintings. Much character to them!

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    1. I dont much care for their ethics and i feel the product is cheap rate crap all from foreign countries. Dtawings, i dont paint. But thanks 😁

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    2. I also dont care for i must have an account to purchase there, most business offer a guest check out option. Amazon doesn’t. Their quality assurance sucks too, multiple times my wife recieved the wrong product. She orders, i refuse.

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      1. Ah. You never thought to search the internet for a product ? Say i wanted to purchase big & tall urban chic clothing, i would put those words in a search engine and get a myriad of choices.

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