Foodie Friday: Vacation Edition (Sept 15-17)…


My wife and I had our first date on October 2nd, 2010 we got married on May 4th, 2013. So, by tradition we have celebrated both dates with a vacation in the Fall and in the Spring. Although, plans for our original stay in a B&B near State College closer to Oct 2 fell through, I found a B&B up in Wellsboro, Pa. A short drive from what is known as the PA Grand Canyon. Wellsboro was talked up quite a bit by my Dad’s widow as a place she enjoyed living in. I don’t know, seen one small town you have seen em all. Nothing magical about this quaint town, but nice all the same.

Binghams Restaurant, Kinglsey PA

Oh my God, we found this joint on a trip to Rochester New York. They bake their own bread for the sandwiches and they have cream puffs that have dropped from heaven.

I had the Cuban on cibatta with a dill pickle and thousand island for dipping and a side salad, my wife had chicken salad with cranberry & walnut mayo on wheat with a side salad. We both had blue cheese dressing on the salad. We both ate the divine creampuff.

Our B&B: La Belle Auberge Bed & Breakfast/Spa

Well I have mixed feelings about our B&B in Wellsboro, although the bed is supposed to be Queen sized, it feels smaller than our Queen from home. It’s not possible to control the room temperature…so its a tad bit cool at 44Β° outside and feels probably 50Β° inside. It looks like we have a faux fireplace below the tv, after some investigation I discovered it’s a heater. The room is spacious, the bathroom is incredbly spacious with a hot tub and shower, we have a private balcony as well. Our ceiling fan broke, and the bed is too firm for my tastes. The B&B doesn’t have a dining area nor a sitting room because they converted most of it for use as a spa and our breakfasts will be delivered to our room. Also we were greeted by a front desk clerk (a young friendly gay man named Ramon originally from the Netherlands) who kindly carried our luggage up to our room. So the hospitality is there but the owners have been absent. I texted one of the owners about the fan but have yet to meet the husband & wife team of Jesse & Laura. As a romantic add on I got us chocolate covered strawberries.

Dinner at the Roost, Wellsboro Pa

This joint had a quirky slogan “Best Cock on the block” I just had to get a tee shirt from them. This Pub N Grub is a converted glass factory. To drink I got a bottle of ginger beer, my wife a mug of root beer. We shared some lightly fried cheese curds with ranch dip. My wife got mac & cheese topped with BBQ pulled pork. I got a chicken cheese steak with onions, peppers & mushrooms with a side salad with blue cheese dressing.

8 am Breakfast at the B&B on Friday September 16th

Well, aside from no creamers with our room kuerig, when our lukewarm-nearly cold breakfast arrives a few minutes after 8am it comes with a pot of coffee with yup, NO CREAMERS!!!. On our jaunt out today, we would make a point of buying creamer and hell even hand soap, because unfortunately the hand soap dispenser in the bathroom doesn’t work, plus the body wash is less than adequate, pick up some of that too while in town. The poached eggs with hollandaise, diced potatoes and sausage were tasty but should have been hot. No excuses. Also, the propietor texted me back that he would look into the fan issue.

The Pa Grand Canyon

We had every intention of doing some trails, but it was too cold (neither of us packed clothes for 50 degree early morning weather) and my wife has still been nursing a twisted ankle, so instead we took some gorgeous shots along the lookout points path.

After the Canyon, a very cool bookstore, From my shelf books and gifts

My wife and I tend to find bookstores in every new town we visit. This one was very cool because it had resident cats Huck & Finn. Huckleberry is the black cat that my wife got to hold, Finn was black & white. I bought a couple of very cool YA books written by the co-owner of the bookstore, even got him to sign both for me.

Farmers Stand

After this we picked up some Apple Dumplings and Farm Grown Seeded Grapes from either an Amish or Menonite Farm Stand along Main street

After hitting a local grocery store for the much needed coffee creamer & hand soap and body wash we found a cafe for lunch.

Lunch at Becks Bistro, Wellsboro Pa

I decided to try the gourmet tomato muenster & bacon grilled cheese, my wife had a grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato & basil pesto wrap, we both had a side salad (she continued with blue cheese & I tried something different, poppyseed) and unsweetened Iced Tea.

Back to the B&B

After lunch we returned to the B&B. We decided to enjoy some time on our private balcony doing some reading, well my wife read. I brought a stack of vintage Creepy to read but have spent most of my free time, writing this post πŸ˜†

Jesse, the proprietor texted me that he would get someone to fix the fan. Later in the day after a few rounds of Skip-Bo, Ramon arrived with the guy who basically said he would have to replace the fan but it would be a significant amount of time to do so. We decided we would just deal with it. Again, NOT ONCE did we ever meet either Jesse or Laura in person. Honestly as it stands, the only real redeeming quality of this so called B&B is the Jacuzi. The only room of the three with one.

Dinner at Timeless Destination & Ice Cream at The Main Street Creamery, Wellesboro Pa

We decided to try this Italian joint for dinner. We arrived around 3:30 for dinner and when I asked if we were too early, our waitress said:

…”Well if you want mashed potatoes that won’t happen, but if you want pasta, no problem”…(Mashed potaoes is never something I think about in a restaurant that specializes in Italian food πŸ™„πŸ€­)

Both my wife and I got The Farfelle with Chicken Breast (Farfelle is almost like alfredo but seasoned with sundried tomatoes & spinach tossed in bow tie pasta), bread with red pepper olive oil & butter, the usual side salad with blue cheese dressing and some super bland unsweetened Iced Tea. We then had ice cream a few blocks down, my wife had a scoop of Coffee Toffee and I had Humble Bumble (Chocolate with raspberry chocolate truffle pieces & topped with rainbow sprinkles)

We then took a moment to enjoy the town square park for a moment before calling it a night.

15 minutes after 8am Breakfast at the B&B on Saturday September 17th, a painting left for Ramon & we head back to Binghams for lunch in Kingsley and then back home to Allentown. PA to most likely a very stressed out cat

Our hotter than yesterday breakfast consisted of crispy greasy bacon, pepper quiche & a warm strawberry cheesecake.


I had originally planned to offer this cat painting to the B&B owners, who were a no show. So i offer it to Ramon and a small monetary tip, because in all honesty I just can’t really recommend this joint. πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

Lunch at Binghams, Kingsley Pa.

On the drive home we hit up Binghams again. This time around my wife got a turkey Swiss cheese & bourbon BBQ melt with a salad with blue cheese dressing, and I got a medium cooked blue cheese tomato bacon burger with steak fries and a crock of french onion soup. We both had unsweetened Iced tea, and the requisite cream puff for dessert. This joint bakes their own bread, so we got a loaf of cinnamon raisin for ourselves and blueberry bread for our buddy Mark who endured Nigel hissing and swatting at his shoes the last few days.

11,667 steps taken and 1,060 cal burned

33 thoughts on “Foodie Friday: Vacation Edition (Sept 15-17)…

  1. This looks like fun. I am intrigued by the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, not knowing such a thing existed before reading this. And as for all your meals, I want that cream puff. Yum

    Liked by 2 people

    1. πŸ’― That Cream Puff is worth it. It’s not an actual canyon, it’s technically a gorge as defined
      A canyon is a deep valley having steep sides, and a gorge is a deep ravine with a river flowing through it or a ravine without the river. A gorge is steeper and more narrow.

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  2. It seems like there’s always something amiss with a vacation. Maybe by design so that we appreciate coming home just a little bit more… I would be all in for that canyon and of course bookstore cats!

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  3. I visited Mansfield years ago (just a few miles away from Wellsboro) and am familiar with the area you were in. There just aren’t enough “Huck and Finn” bookstores in our area anymore, and I could have gotten “lost” in there. It sounds like Mark definitely earned that blueberry bread. I am sure Nigel is glad to have you back.πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

      1. My wife asked me if amazeballs was more slang ? I am at a point where I don’t care, to me it’s just Willow Speak


  4. Aw, looks like a great trip! Happy anniversary my friends! 😁

    Oh, and I had a look at that Binghams menu. The strawberries ‘n cream stuffed French toast (with their own bread too) sounds devine!! πŸ˜‹πŸ–€

    Liked by 1 person

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