Word Wednesday: Dream Journal #1…

[first in a sporadic series of dreams I have, that I can remember]

Date: 9/2/22

Last night I dreamt I was about to have lunch with two beautiful women. They didn’t resemble anyone I know in real life. But we were laughing it up, looking at the menu when a waiter comes over to tell me that my Dad wanted to have lunch with me on the second floor dining area of this massive restaurant. I couldn’t pass up the chance to have lunch with my Dad (this was a visitation dream after all. My Dad died in August of 2019.

As I tell the ladies that I need to join my Dad they plead with me to stick around, trying to guilt me into staying. I pull away. I ascend a massive staircase and eventually find my Dad sitting alone in a broken chair that is very close to the floor near a very large round table. I laugh and say “I see you got the broken chair” He says “I can’t stay, but I have a bag of bread for you.” The bread is crusty freshly baked buttered Italian bread. I say “But, I’m here now.” He leaves. As I head towards the stairs, feeling dejected I see my coworker Dan dressed as a mime throwing a raw egg at the ceiling. My cousins Becky, Amy & Rachel are dressed in black & white dresses, telling me that we are celebrating Rachel’s birthday. I say I can’t stick around, when I go back to the table, the ladies have also left me. I consider celebrating my cousins birthday but they are now sitting at a reserved table that I don’t have access to. I then wake up.


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