Word Wednesday: Not Very Rewarding…

Every year my job does this walking/exercise/weight loss challenge from Memorial Day to Labor Day (USA). In previous years they awarded water bottles and tee shirts for all who competed, with sums of money given to the top three people who logged in the most miles and lost the most weight.

This year it was strictly a monetary prize to all who participated and yowza the top three people each walked over 750-850 miles. PA is noted because the home office is located in Provo, Ut.

But, what really irks me is this:

To me this is NOT rewarding, it’s a major slap in the face to the top three people, to anyone who did the BSLW 200 to lose weight and get healthy. You could say, oh come on Matt treat it like a cheat day but ya know what I call bullshit. I didn’t participate in the 200 this year but I am tired of all the unhealthy choices that are always offered for employee perks/parties/lunches.

I am thinking of skipping them going forward (aside from the BBQ picnic my Department is having off-site on a Friday and getting out of the last three hours of work) no Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas. Or celebratory getting married or retirement cakes.

22 thoughts on “Word Wednesday: Not Very Rewarding…

  1. Businesses never, ever fail to amaze me how they fail. One company I worked for rewarded us with pizza for cutting expenditures by a million dollars. It took me working at a couple different places to realize pizza is often the default reward no matter what the achievement. Ice cream sundaes for a weight loss challenge? Yeah, that tracks.

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  2. Certainly does seem rather incongruous doesn’t it. Enjoying being a rebel shortly before I retired I likely would have sent an inquiry email to the super powers who thought up this idea and asked how they justified this sort of reward, and exactly how they define health and wellness- and for who?

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    1. Yeah thats true. I just don’t get the mentality. I personally think they should had just left it at the monetary wins for those who participated.

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  3. I thought you were going to complain about the monetary award not being high enough. Unless I read this wrong, the top mileage received $120? I don’t think that’s very much, given today’s economy.


    1. I dont think we get paid enough period in todays economy. This is the first time they gave money to all participants, it used to just be the top 3. Perhaps its more than enough for the mormon owned Utah company, but seriously the more diverse and open minded company i used to work for before they sold us to Utah, never gave monetary prizes.

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    2. The only real positive with my job is that everyone not just management gets a piece of profit sharing every February since the 2009 buyout. The previous didn’t do that.

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    3. Lastly, those amounts of payout were not posted ahead of time. My guess is if people knew they only get $120 for walking 350 miles, they probably wouldn’t have participated.

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    1. Oh gosh is right, ya know Neal..my wife wants to visit Savannah at some point, although it will be an expensive trip because we don’t fly.

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