Word Wednesday: Thought of the day…

There is a dude I work with that dresses quite flamboyantly that I thought he was gay. I started complimenting him on his clothes and he told me he would thank his wife, because she picks out his wardrobe.

I guess I was wrong. 🤷

Eventually we found ourselves discussing the new Thor film and he said he hoped it would have been more queer centric as promised.

Again 🤷

So, I asked why that mattered ?

He then told me Identifies as Queer and he and his wife are in a polyamorous relationship with the same man. Their marriage is open, but they are both sharing one other person. I didn’t inquire further if all three live together.

I can’t wrap my head around that. I would fear that eventually one of two couples would grow tired of the third wheel. I know in my heart I could never both share my heart and my bed. Ya know it seems like mutual cheating.

But hey to each his own right ? If it works, it works.

I’m more content being in a monogamous closed marriage with a like minded straight and slightly bent woman (we both find men and women attractive). 👩‍❤️‍👨

13 thoughts on “Word Wednesday: Thought of the day…

  1. How can there not be jealousy in a relationship of three? Leave aside how any identify I see trouble and strife ahead- at least that’s what tv and movies tell us to believe! Humans do not seem logical and dispassionate enough to actually be able to cope well with this concept.

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  2. There’s a show on Netflix called “How to Make a Sex Room.” One episode was devoted to a poly situation with, I think, 7 people. None seemed to be jealous, but I do think you have to be a special kind of person to entertain this type of lifestyle.

    I also have a colleague who identifies as such and has a woman who lives with her and her family. She says they sleep in a big California king and love one another.

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  3. It kinda seems like a recipe for disaster but then again 🤔
    I know a couple who were cheating on each other with the same woman, (the wife’s best friend)… It was a messy divorce… Couldn’t work through the broken trust…
    Reading this post I’m thinking but you know what, maybe that situation you describe has its merits because for that setup to work a great deal of honesty and communication is required, and even when it stops working (as my pessimistic self would expect) it would likely on somewhat amicable terms…

    But personally boggles my mind… Anyhoo to each their own.

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  4. In 1968, my now wife and I were not even engaged and we scandalized everyone when we took a five week driving trip around the US together. Despite all of today’s intolerance, I am actually impressed with how far public boundaries of acceptance have expanded.


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