Paint Chip Poetry — No Love for Fatties

A creative poetry series! This series is pretty simple, I post 4 colours of paint with their names and I use those names in a poem. I decided to add two extra rules for myself. First, if there are more than two words, I keep them together, only allowing punctuation to separate the words. And […]

Paint Chip Poetry — No Love for Fatties

I have been following this blogger and I tried my hand at the above. I was unable to come up with a poem so I wrote a story because you had to use the two words together in such a way. This is my little story:

And our top story at 10, State Representative Mark Green has been found guilty of murder and faces the electric chair.
There is a crowd of people outside shouting “Free Green!!!”
His wife lily, pads out the story otherwise, it was his sister Melinda Green,
Bank that bit of knowledge in your head…he murdered his own sister! To him it was a walk in the park. Picnic anyone says Melinda with Glee…Free him ? No fry that piece of chicken shit!

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