To the moon (For Jessica)…

Update: My wife is well enough to be proactive in her situation. She has checked herself into an outpatient day program for the next two weeks. It is a welcome bit of relief for me and hopefully exactly what she needs. I am grateful we have some money in savings to cover next months rent, unless her generous parents chip in her half. Either way, getting that text in the middle of my day helped tear down the temporary wall I put up just yesterday. I am grateful to God and family and friends looking out for us.

Here’s another dope track (which with the right sound combos opens a chorus to add to the piece. I give you: TO THE MOON (For Jessica)

17 thoughts on “To the moon (For Jessica)…

  1. I love what you’ve done with this track. The inspiration behind it made my heart smile–that you’ve created something so superb for Jessica is a beautiful thing, Matt. I love these, keep them coming!

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    1. It’s a cool app but kind of limited in sounds, which is kind of a bummer but I will try to make as many cool combos as possible, most likely without the lyrical stuff.

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      1. Yeah. A character’s name, the plot and a description call reminded her of her client that she had a meltdown with.

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