No Sale/No Loss…

So this morning my wife and I took part in a community yard sale in Robesonia, PA. Her best friend owns a restaurant and let us set up and sell in front of it along with her selling food items.

We had flea market items, original knitted crafts and a couple of my paintings.

My wife and I equally sold a few flea market items, she had a friend pop by and purchase $30 worth of her crafts, and me…well I got a lot of art admirers but zero interest in making a purchase. It’s the second time now I’ve been unsuccessful no matter a high or a low price on my work. It just seems that no one is into stylized cat paintings. Or animal paintings period.

I did have one interesting bite. A gentleman admired my work and then asked if I do custom work. What artist doesn’t ? He said he once answered a Craigslist ad from a woman who said she’d paint anything for $50. He stated what he wanted and she never got back to him.

So, I took his email and asked what exactly he wanted and he said A giant 3 foot by 5 foot Marvin the Martian. I said I don’t usually work big, so I couldn’t quote a price.

After doing some research, a canvas that size runs about $450, now if I want to make profit I would have to seriously upsell, because supplies, and shipping wouldn’t be cheap. Not to mention I don’t paint enormous paintings. Also what he asked for was a licensed Warner Brothers character. The only possible feasible way I could paint and sell this character was with slight tweaks and my interpretation. Because I am pretty sure the Warner Bros fee would be quite high as well.

All said and done I emailed this guy and said I would do it for $5000. No surprise that I haven’t heard back from him yet.

28 thoughts on “No Sale/No Loss…

      1. Dude never got back to me. I am going to guess that if he originally hoped for a $50 transaction as opposed to $5000. I doubt I will hear from him. Besides I also had to email Warner Bros Animation Division to see if I had permission to paint Marvin or pay a fee to do so, being that it is against the law to sell licensed trademarked characters.

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  1. Didn’t know who that character was until I googled it. I wonder what the backstory is about his interest in Marvin…


      1. Extremely large blank canvases are that expensive. 3×5 inches would be hella cheaper than feet


    1. That to me was pretty hilarious that this guy initially expected someone else to do it for $50. If you put an ad saying you’ll paint “anything” for $50 you better have the funds to back up an extravagant plan. No wonder the original artist bailed. The dude still never got back to me to even say he wasn’t interested. Besides I legally can’t do without permission from Warner Bros Animation. I sure as hell don’t want to sued.

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    1. Yeah, my last attempt at commissioned work was a guy I met through the church my went to. He asked for a dragon. So I drew one in my style. Mind you I gave him my blog address so he could see my style of work before solidifying anything. So, when I delivered the drawing..he bitched and moaned that wasn’t realistic enough. I don’t do realism I told him and he had the gall to say “So, I guess you aren’t an artist? I Thought “artists” could do anything. πŸ™„

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    1. It would likely be more, because I would probably have to pay Warner Bros a fee to paint Marvin. Incidentally I have yet to hear back both Warner Bros or the guy.

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  2. People think artists are magicians πŸ˜‚ and that art supplies grow in the backyard… 🀑

    PS In my books Picasso was a legend otherwise I suspect art would have now just become hyperrealism

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