Sometimes things need to be said…

I just signed this petition

against Georgia State Representative Marjorie Taylor- Greene who wants to declare the GOP as Christian Nationalists.

Their ideology is as follows:  “It is defined not as a religion but as a political ideology that unconstitutionally and unbiblically merges Christian and American identities, declaring that democracy does not matter because only conservative Christians are true Americans.”

Not everyone believes, not everyone is a Christian, but that doesn’t mean that no one in America that isn’t Christian isn’t a true American. How pathetic is that ?

Over 12000 Christians have signed that and one God Believing-Non Church Going-Gospel Loving dude from Pennsylvania.

13 thoughts on “Sometimes things need to be said…

  1. I would ask- what would that mean for the entire concept of “separation of church and state”? There’s a very fine line with this idea. I highly doubt this will ever go anywhere valid. The really scary thing is that Taylor-Greene is even more fanatical than Trump in what she proposes. I think even the GOP has a right to be fearful of her in general.

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  2. MTG is dangerously insane. She she represents a section of north west Georgia which is extremely ultra conservative (except four the small city of Rome, which is where I went to college by the way). Her constituents mostly live her. Yes, Deb, she is far more dangerous than Trump. May a miracle occur and she somehow lose her race this November.

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  3. What in the entire f–k? I’m so confused about the direction of this country that seems to be led by a few. Maybe I’m missing something and it’s not just a few, but it seems like we blinked and everything shifted.

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    1. Shifted ? Been like this from the start. The last 50 years we’ve seen some progress but most of the same problems never really left. If there is a shift, it’s that people have gotten crazier on all sides of the political spectrum.

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      1. More blatant thanks to anonymity on the internet, the mini portable computer with a camera that was once called “phone” in everyone’s hand, take cops killing black people…always there just more people these days film it with their phone, Trump definitely pushed open the flood gates to the insanity but he’s not the only one to blame. I fear things will only get worse over time.


  4. Marjorie Taylor-Greene might be crazy but she got more than her fifteen minutes of fame for it. Its hard to tell if its all an act or if she’s really that ignorant (and I mean that in the nicest way). 👩‍🎓

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