the conceptual artist…

The first in a series of ridiculous posts about what it is to a conceptual artist. Fellow blogger Herb Thiel recently posted about an artist in NZ who took a pickle with a splatter of ketchup from a McDonald’s cheeseburger and threw it on the ceiling of a gallery and called it “Pickle”.

They then decided to sell the concept of the piece for over $6000 USD so you create it for yourself in your own space. If a foolish rich person is willing to dish out the dough instead of just buying a cheeseburger well then, I need to get in on that


Photographic prints for sale at $15,000 USD

14 thoughts on “the conceptual artist…

    1. Well if someone out there hits me up with a serious inquiry. It would blow my mind. I will say I once showed a primed gray canvas and called it closeup of an elephant and a few people inquired, one even asked if I’d do a series. No one offered top price or I may have considered lol

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