Our 2nd live theater jaunt of the year…

My wife and I attended live theater tonight at The PA Shakespeare Fest at Desalles University. Yes once again, we saw a show that wasn’t Shakespeare but was Damn Good. August Wilson’s Fences (it was a movie in 2016) It featured Ella (Roc) Joyce and Tony (Candyman) Todd. This is our second August Wilson play featuring Tony Todd. Here’s hoping the fest produces all of Wilson’s plays.

19 thoughts on “Our 2nd live theater jaunt of the year…

  1. I almost got a ticket for Moulin Rouge but the seating is cramped and I realized I’m not ready to risk covid, let alone monkeypox. I’m still avoiding anywhere with more than a handful of people around me.

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      1. Well those films were from the 90’s, he was also in the final destination films. But yeah an amazing actor, man thus play was heavy on dialogue especially monologs by his character.

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