A social commentary: So, my gym is located in a building called Health & Wellness Center on the Muhlenberg Campus of Lehigh Valley Health Network Hospital. This building houses all things related to obesity. Endocrinology, diabetes, gastric bypass surgery, heart disease, physical therapy ect. This is the first thing you see when you walk in the doors:

Yup VENDING MACHINES. Neither of which sells almost* anything remotely healthy (the soda machine does sell water). 🙄 Do we really need these in this building ?! Talk about a hypocritical slap in the face to patients trying to better themselves.

I decided to join my wife today for her Lutheran church service (church bores me silly), give me a Gospel choir and you’ll see the power of the Lord pass through me, anything else you’ll bare witness to this guy:

My experience upon entering was less than stellar, the pastor made a joke about a bald spot on the back of my head (I knew my hair was thinning but haven’t been privy to that), his wife welcomed me as “big boy”.

There was a church picnic in the social hall after the service because of the exceedingly high temperatures prevented us from being in the pavilion outside on the church grounds.

Now, I know I am an obese man, but I don’t need people in the food line telling me that I should try everything up there because there is a lot of food. I took a sausage and marinara sandwich, a smidgen of baked beans (I removed the bacon), a smidgen of broccoli salad (I removed the bacon), some pierogi mac and cheese (a little too rich for my tastes) and a bottle of water. Upon sitting down, I was bombarded with following phrases

“There is a lot of food” “That’s all you’re gonna eat ?” Go on, have seconds or thirds” My response multiple times was “No, I’m good. THANKS” People would not let up. If you are fat and choose to indulge and someone equally or fatter than you declines to indulge, you should respect that person’s decision. I would expect more from Christian’s. I was proud that my wife only chose one dessert, I had none and dealt with a barrage of food goading comments for that too. I really held back my anger.

I am proud of myself though for not being tempted by the vending machines this morning or by the food pushers this afternoon.

22 thoughts on “SERIOUSLY?!…

  1. I hope you take the vending issue further and contact the higher powers at the center to point out to them the messages they are sending to their clients. As to the other- I should probably remain silent on my thoughts given my identity as an atheist and already marked to burn in hell. I am sorry you had to face both of those blatantly offensive situations Matt.

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  2. I have always found the fact that gyms and hospitals have vending machines full of crap!
    As for for the self righteous food pushers they are jealous of your will power 💜💜

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    1. I used to hate back in the day when Doctors smoked outside (especially when taking my Mom to the cancer center) by vending garbage to people it pushes the plan to keep the sick SICK


  3. Wow, even PlanetFitness stopped providing their hypocritical Tootsie Rolls & pizza.

    When I attended an info seminar on gastric surgery, I was shocked that more than 50% of the attendees showed up with giant cups of soda. Even if I liked soda, I certainly wouldn’t bring it to a weight loss seminar/center!

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  4. Our whole society is full of hypocrisy, as you just pointed out, but the vending machines, wow. I just started my weight loss journey, again, down 3 pounds this week, 70+ to go, it’s not easy.

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  5. I have been guilty of hypocrisy but church is an especially fertile ground for growing it. I could live with the illogical vending machine insult but the more personal examples you have identified are outrageous. I know they are true because I have witnessed similar ones. They go way beyond thoughtless.

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  6. ::sigh:: People are the main reason why I do everything I can to avoid interacting with people. Imho NO ONE should comment on ANYONE’S food choices, mate choices, job choices, reading choices, belief choices, or any other choices unless asked to. Back when I still went out socially I hated the “But you haven’t taken any creamed spinach!” hostesses. MAYBE I’M ALLERGIC TO IT – MAYBE I DON’T LIKE IT – MAYBE I ATE BEFORE I CAME HERE BECAUSE YOU’RE A TERRIBLE COOK AND WHO ASKED YOU ANYWAY?????
    Sorry for yelling but this kind of thing really p*sses me off. And those vending machines? Unconscionable. It’s not 1965. We know enough about nutrition now to be able to provide better options for EVERYONE!
    Shame on them.
    OK, I’m leaving. Good post, needed to be said.

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