Letting Go but in a good way…

So, painting does not bring me any joy. I have had some blank canvas and a crap load of acrylics stored & collecting dust. So I did a local search to make a creative donation and found this joint in Allentown called the Alternative Gallery that does a lot of good for the community. So, I drove across town and left two bags of supplies including some drawing tools (I never sketch in pencil, I exclusively work in pen) on their loading dock. No one was around to pick it up, but I figure if a young artist is walking down the alley and finds it first, all the power to them. It was a great selfless act to make that donation.

Celebrating in my heart with this Gospel-Rap with Salt N Pepa, Kirk Franklin & Sounds of Blackness

11 thoughts on “Letting Go but in a good way…

  1. The perfect song selection, Matt! And good on you for donating your art supplies. You just blessed someone today who needed it, I know you did.

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    1. I held onto my watercolors because I tend to you water based markers to color my work and having tunes of paint is a nice back up


    1. Two bags worth, threw in some pencils, pastels and Conte crayons too…I pretty much exclusively use black ink pens and water color brush markers (but kept the paint , a few water color pencils and Derwent inktense pencils


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