Coming out of the dark as sung by Gloria Estefan…

The espinela is a Spanish poetic form with two stanzas and four end rhymes across 10 lines. It’s named after poet Vincente Espinel, who is credited with inventing it. Here are the guidelines:

  • First stanza has four lines.
  • Second stanza has six lines.
  • Eight syllables per line.
  • Rhyme scheme isย abba/accddc

On the shore hands entwined we lie
The glare of the sun in our eyes
She cracks a smile to my surprise
Nor have I heard a single cry

 Facial caress I do apply
Change the mood from sorrow to bliss
Self harm thoughts she so does dismiss a calmness about the air
The lord above answered prayer
My love and faith squashed her conflicts

**My wife had off today, and what a glorious change in mood compared to the last few weeks. Yesterday being a culmination of the worst of it. I am grateful to friends and family online and off who offered support and prayers...she has got to keep the momentum in high gear**

13 thoughts on “Coming out of the dark as sung by Gloria Estefan…

    1. She is being proactive, made quite a few appointments even was able to boost when she sees her therapist but may need a med adjustment (kind of sucks that she can’t see her psychiatrist till September, I swear sometimes it feels as if the system is against ya)

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    1. Here’s hoping, unfortunately she works today ( as a caregiver to the elderly) with a client who doesn’t have air conditioning and we are in the middle of a heat wave ๐Ÿ˜‘


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