Cat’s Make Terrible Alarm Clocks…


  • Opening quintain (or 5-line stanza) followed by quatrains (or 4-line stanzas)
  • The opening line of the first stanza is the final line of every stanza, including the first
  • Rhyme scheme in the opening stanza: AbbaA (capital A represents the refrain)
  • Rhyme scheme in all other stanzas: bbaA
I wake up at five, not four, cat !
How do I make you understand?
It's not that big of a demand.
Every morning I exclaim drat !!
I wake up at five, not four, cat !!!

Meow in my ear on my night stand
pulling me out of my dreamland
Seriously Nigel, what's up with that ?!
I wake up at five, not four cat !!!

Tomorrow I get up at four, but don't misunderstand
There is no other way for me to do the work at hand
An exception to the rule  and to you a caveat
Because Mr. Nigel with the exception of tomorrow, I WAKE UP AT FIVE, NOT FOUR CAT!!!!!

16 thoughts on “Cat’s Make Terrible Alarm Clocks…

    1. Yeah, read your blog this morning and started this poem but had to go to work and finished it a few minutes ago. I tend to find writing inspiration from other bloggers 😁

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    1. Honestly though not every cat I’ve ever had, this one has been a royal pain in the ass since day one (he who was once known as both Razor & Piccolo before we Christened him Nigel), next cat we get has to be a snuggler and/or want to be with us…when we met Nigel he was aloof with zero acknowledgment towards us. He was probably like “Here’s a couple of suckers, heh heh heh”

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      1. I do love him 🐱 even if he claims every single thing I use, clothes, chair, loveseat ECT. But only my stuff never any of Jess’s. When he was a kitten he used to head bunt me and knead my tummy..I miss those days

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