Sock Ball Striptease…

Billy and Joey were best buds.
As they entered puberty they were horny, a lot.
They were also pretty nerdy and never really connected with the girls.
Billy knew a kid named Jimmy who was a year younger and lived down the block. Jimmy came across feminine at times, but Billy & Joey never really thought any further about it.

One day the three friends hung out in Jimmy's room on the third floor. Billy said let's play sock ball striptease. Essentially each would take turns throwing a rolled up sock into a laundry basket across the room, when you missed you had to take a stitch of clothing off.

Joey was terrible at this game and ended up buck naked. Billy said Joey had to climb out the back window onto the roof and stand on the roof naked for a few seconds, Jimmy had other plans and locked the window. Billy thought that was too cruel and let his buddy back in. Jimmy whined and said, "But he lost, there should be more to losing." Jimmy took his underwear off and pointed at his bent appendage and said the loser had to suck it."

Joey didn't really want to do it, but begrudgingly did it and Jimmy really liked it. Secretly Billy wished he had the gumption to have that done to him, seeing that he invented the game. Jimmy had a baby sitter who heard the moaning and started to make her way upstairs. 

If they had an Olympic sport for getting dressed the fastest, these three boys would be gold medalists. The babysitter was none the wiser when she asked what the noise was and Jimmy said "I was crying out because these guys were beating me while playing the Atari!".

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