Todd & Jim & Cass take a risk…

Todd & Jim took a walk to the mall. 
They were only 13
The path they took was along a busy throroughfare, in order to get to the mall they had to cut through a field which was parted by a highway exit ramp.
Todd & Jim definitely took risks.
One day Todd thought it would be possible to run across all four lanes of the highway to get to the mall. 
Jim thought he was crazy,but Todd did it successfully. 
Mind you,just once.
The things kids do because they think they are invincible. I would guess that traffic in 1983 wasn't nearly as congested as today but it was a risk that could've cost Todd his life.

Nine years later, Jim was 22 and started to get to know a young woman named Cass. Cass decided to cross the four lane thoroughfare as opposed to the highway and unfortunately is struck down by a speeding truck, dying instantly from a broken neck.

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