8 thoughts on “Playful Cat Sculpture #3 (Work in progress)…

  1. Hi my name is DR. King Stone powerfully and I am blogger, Can you please follow me on my blog and like and comment and share with other people. PS: I need email followers on my blog. I really need more followers on my blog.

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      1. Get to know fellow bloggers, make comments, like stuff. I met a lot of people that way, I started following them or they started following me. But by leaving a comment asking someone to follow you, is like begging. I looked at your blog it doesn’t resonate with me so I won’t be following you. But someone who follows me may look into your blog and follow you. When I started blogging I had a hard time getting followers but as soon as I started talking with other other bloggers it just happened. Never once did I ask anyone to follow me.


    1. Another thing, you left a groveling comment on my blog about how you need followers. I may have considered your blog more if you had actually commented on my post about my sculpture. By having not done that it leads me to suspect that you’re spam that made it through the filter. Not to mention you liked your own comment. Can you ve any more full of yourself. Who me bitter ?


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