No Justice…

So a woman who I went to high school with and was best friends with a girl I had a crush on in the 10th grade started a relationship with this dude I knew since Kindergarten in 2009. Back then Leah and I became close (via Facebook) and I even took her and her two daughters to a School House Rocks! Live Performance. Yeah, I did have a mini crush..but I was content to be (mostly online) friends.

Leah started dating Rich, who like I said, I knew since 1975. As kids, Rich was a bit of a bully which honestly continued through High School. Although he and I surprisingly became friends in the 90’s and early ’00’s. Leah and Rich had a roller coaster of a relationship (they were both divorced, she was a former suicidal alcoholic and I would guess that Rich’s bullying tendencies probably still existed) they both came to my 40th and our wedding in 2013.

By 2014, Rich bought a unique round house in Walnutport, Pa and Leah and her daughters moved in with him. Sometime between 2014-17. Rich committed heinous acts against her children. By 2017, Leah bought a house and moved her and her kids away from Rich. She pressed charges and our fucked up Judicial system made these young girls relive their molestation over a 5 year period.

Rich has finally been convicted, but because he has no priors, he got a slap on the wrist with probation and a PFA in regards to Leah and her daughters. Sadly, I have a friend who is black with priors no less, but has done nothing remotely as heinous as this and he is serving a 7-10 sentence. I know, can’t compare, but I bet if Rich wasn’t white he would be in prison.

Sickened and Saddened.

From Facebook via Leah Cressman Ringholm

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10 thoughts on “No Justice…

  1. I don’t have the energy to detail how much I cannot stand a pedophile/molester. *Sighs* And the judicial system, in most cases, is a joke when it comes to sentencing them.

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    1. Yeah, truly pathetic ya ask me..kinda hope his life will be ruined in the long run, apparently he somehow meddled in his Mom’s second marriage and ruined that too.

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    1. Sorry Tiffany, no woman adult or child deserves treatment like this. I really think it sucks that these young woman had to recall what happened in court over five years and the outcome is not exactly satisfying. Scary also when you look at a map of your area and see just how many child sex offenders are not in the prison system and living in your neighborhood.


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