Hate Speech (gotta love it. A very lame resolution)…

Note to readers, if you are a member of the LGBT community/ally don’t patronize Lehigh Pizza located at 13 W 3rd street in Bethlehem Pennsylvania near Lehigh University. The employees that work there have no qualms about using the word FAGGOT.

Feel free to read my review left on Google Reviews.


It was brought to my attention that the link might not work so here is a copy of the review:

Okay my wife and I had decided to get a bite to eat here after viewing the Queer Care exhibit at the Banana Factory Arts Center near by. We ordered 1 slice of BBQ Chicken pizza, 1 slice of Hawaiian style and a Greek Salad. I was asked what kind of dressing on the salad (which to me was odd because usually Greek salads have Greek dressing) we chose blue cheese. I asked for two to share. My wife got us two bottles of water but I forgot mine at the counter, so she went to retrieve it. She heard the young man with curly hair who ran the register say to the guy making the food “Hey Did you see that F….. T !(a derogatory term used to insult homosexuals)”, his buddy said “Yo, he might hear?”, the third employee who sat at a table nearby (who I honestly didn’t even realize worked there) said “Naw he didn’t hear”. This exchange of dialogue that I didn’t hear ruined the meal for my wife who didn’t want to make a scene so told me after we left. The food, her BBQ slice was good, my Hawaiian smelled slightly off but didn’t taste bad, the veggies in the salad fresh and the grape leaves delicious. We asked for blue cheese and got one but also a very old congealed cup of Italian dressing as well. My wife worried that the insult hurled at me (I was wearing a green Stop Suicide Band and a Rainbow LGBT Rights Band on my right arm) was because I didn’t leave a tip at the time of payment. I often don’t for counter service. I kind of wish she had said something when it happened because stuff like that needs to be addressed. They get a ** for food and a zero for hate speech hence the * star rating.

After posting my review on Yelp I was messaged by someone named Brian who represented customer service who wanted to know if they can be if further assistance.

my response:


What more do you need ?

My wife was really upset after  hearing this exchange of dialogue?

I would have called to speak with management but I don’t want to be accused of here say. I was greatly  pissed off and if I had heard this directly there would have been a scene. 

I get it. If you got young people  working there that don’t  know any better, but this guy nor the other two guys seemed “too young”. 

It made a so so meal, a terrible  meal for my wife.  Whether I “heard” it or not is incredibly insensitive and I can’t  tolerate  it.

His response:

I’m in no way accusing you of anything wrong. You are completely right in every point and you have every right to be enraged as we are right now. By your description, we believe we know who it was. We’re reviewing our video tapes to confirm. Please know that this is not who we are at Lehigh pizza. We will get to the bottom of this. We need to know exactly who this is so disciplinary action can be taken. I will keep you updated as this unfolds. Again, please accept our deepest apologies for this horrible action. 


Brian – Lehigh Pizza 

Customer Service

& Social Media Manager

Brian reached to me again and gave me the personal information of the owner, so I emailed him. Hoping to get closure and a decent response. I’m really not convinced of what I was told happened, because it doesn’t explain why the other employee sitting near us said “he didn’t hear” The words my wife heard were “Did you see that Faggot” Below is the response from the owner with photos (not a video feed with audio) that essentially shows two people looking at a phone not proof of what was said, if I believe anybody I believe my wife. I will never patronize this pizza EVER AGAIN.

Hi Matt thank you for reaching out to me. My name is Lucas I’m in the business with my father and uncle. I am heart broken that we live in a time where these things are still said and people still get discriminated against. I am also very upset because I know myself and I know my little cousin who served you and that is not who we are as a family and not who he is as a person. I was behind the counter with him yesterday watching the ovens for our pizza man because we were shorthanded.

This unfortunately seems to be a terrible terrible misunderstanding. When your wife was coming back to get her water I was showing my cousin a prank video on Facebook that I saw of the rapper Dj Khaled. It was a fake dj khaled and the interviewer asked the person what would you do if dj khaled was behind you? My cousin responded back saying that he saw the video with the fake fat Khaled. I can easily see how that would have been misconstrued into the word that your wife thought she had heard when she came back to the counter.

 It is so unfortunate that in 2022 we still have to keep our guard up about these hateful words and can’t be accepting of on another. My family has always hired LGBTQ employees, including our most tenured employee who started with us in 1998. Being 28 years of age, I don’t know a world without her being with us at Lehigh Pizza. Below I have attached the photos from the camera to help illustrate the events that I have described. If you would like to discuss more my personal number is 610-417-7009 and I would be happy to talk to you more. I will be back on Tuesday as will my uncle and if you would like to come by for lunch or dinner to meet us and talk with us we would be more than happy to have you guys come down!

The owner both photographic and video feed that only proves half of their side of the story (that two people were looking at their phones) the most important part that was said, was not proven. Because the only thing heard on the most likely silent video feed is a phone ringing.

Lehigh Pizza Security Cam

I refuse to take this any further. They have lost two customers and for that matter anyone who reads this and agrees with me, if they find themselves in South Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

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43 thoughts on “Hate Speech (gotta love it. A very lame resolution)…

    1. Totally ridiculous. If you read the review you’d see that I wasn’t aware if this til after we left, because my wife didn’t want a scene. I can be quite hot headed. I definitely wish I would have heard it myself because there definitely would have been a scene.


      1. My wife put a review on Google, but it was never posted most likely flagged for the word FAGGOT, I revised and it was posted on Google but I was told now it no longer exists. I also added this review to Yelp. The review is now at the bottom of this post. I’m pissed but not insulted. I mean they are half right being that I am bisexual. So negative words about my sexual orientation or my weight sting less than if someone thinks I am a woman. I would have been livid if they had “Fucking Dykes”.


      1. Seems like a reasonable enough response from the customer service rep. I’d hope they hold true to their word and follow up with those concerned appropriately – and let you know the outcome 👍🖤

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      2. There are just no words of how pathetic the response was that I got from the owner, I said photos don’t prove anything..so they sent video footage without noted audio of what was said. So as far as I am concerned they are full of shit.

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      3. Hmmm. Sounds kind of credible maybe but I’m not sure I belive their story either if I’m honest. At least there has been a response I guess – sadly many others would have just ignored or deleted the review.
        Either way it sounds like they’ve lost your patronage, which is completely understandable 👍🖤

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      4. They in return sent a video feed that proved they were on their phones but didn’t prove what was said. There is no clear audio to prove if there was a slur that my wife heard or that she misheard. Their video proves nothing to me.

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      5. Yeah. Why even bother sending me the video if it doesn’t 100% back up your story, all it tells me is two guys on their phones and quite possibly one of them saying “Did you see that faggot ?”. The only clear audio in the video is a phone ringing. Again had I heard this exchange myself, it would have been an entirely different post. But in this case I side with my wife on what she heard.

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  1. I am glad you posted the review here, because it says, “This review is no longer available.” I hate that your wife experienced that, and I know my tongue, I would have said something as you’re right, those things need to be addressed at the time. Perhaps you should call the manager of the location and explain what happened? They may not do anything, but at least your angst and words would be documented (or they should be).

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    1. I would Tre, but they would say it was here say because I didn’t hear it directly. I decided to post a review because my wife originally posted one on Google but she used “FAGGOT” in the review, I think Google flagged it and never posted it, hence my rewrite. If all it does it help them lose business from the LGBT community and or Allies.

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    2. Wow as soon as I posted the review on Yelp I hot a response from someone named Brian that represents customer service for Lehigh Pizza. So I emailed him further.

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      1. Dag. I was hoping someone would do something or at least address the behavior. It’s absolutely uncalled for.


    1. Truly, they reiterated that everything was solved on my Yelp review but then also blocked further communication with me. Honestly, I stick by my wife. Definitely not a loss on us, there are far greater pizza places in the area.

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  2. This is so odd. I think it’s partly good that they went through so much trouble to try and convince you that they didn’t say “faggot,” but at the same time, I think they could’ve just apologized and offered you free food or something.

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    1. Well, just means I won’t return. The food wasn’t that good anyway. We never eat there, we only ate there because it was right next door to the gallery.

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