XXL Man & XL Woman X decide to eat lunch at a Seafood Chain with Incredible Biscuits. Because Seafood Chain is practically overpriced, Man X suggests they pick something from the under $10 section of the menu. Perky Portly Waitress Y comes over and says “Let me guess, you want the endless soup, salad and biscuits.”

Perky Portly Waitress guessed correctly but not because it said endlessly but because it was the only soup & salad entree on the menu.

Both Man & Woman X got Blue Cheese Dressing on a delicious salad, Both Man & Woman X ate 2 each of 6 biscuits offered. Woman X got a delicious New England Clam Chowder whereas Man X got a ridiculously over salty lobster bisque with nothing to tame the salt (it came with saltines), it was a chore to eat for sure. Woman X had water, Man X had a nasty old tasting $3.19 Iced Tea.

Perky Portly Waitress Y said, more Soup? Salad? Biscuits? When they said no to everything…Y said to Man X “I feel bad that your not getting the full on endless experience, I could pack a cup of soup for you to go.” Man X then said “Endless wasn’t the reason we chose it, you have no other soup & salad choice.” (Man X thought to himself “And besides, your soup sucks).

Imagine if Man & Woman X had decided on something else entirely ? Imagine the embarrassment that could have followed when Waitress Y said “Let me guess…” because Man X would’ve been mad and most likely would have replied “No, What makes you guess that ?”

When all was said and done though, Man X still gave Waitress Y a 20% tip.

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15 thoughts on “Assumptions…

    1. Bad enough portions are huge, can’t assume a fat person will order what you think they will order for the “Same reason, you’re thinking”. This has never happened to me, usually they will say any dessert and when I say no thanks, they get flabbergasted as if once again “how can a fat guy turn down dessert?”

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      1. I was also thinking about wages in the form of tips and those tips as a percentage of the bill. Wait staff would surely push sales and those on the heavier side would probably be seen as more desirable.


      1. Yeah, probably. Still best not to assume. She was just lucky I was getting what she thought I was getting because if I wasn’t it would have ugly and I probably would’ve left. Bad enough the day before we hate to deal with someone calling me a faggot and then denying it.

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    1. Yeah…no way around it, that’s honestly the best thing that’s not on the menu. So strange that there is pride and love put into that biscuit than there other food lol

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