23 years later…

Two killed 13  
and then themselves 
23 years later 
it has been happening again and again
Columbine Highschool
Red Lake Highschool
West Nickle Mines Amish School
Virginia Tech
Northern Illinois University
Oikos University
Sandy Hook Elementary
University of California, Santa Barbara
Marysville-Pilchuck Highschool
Umpqua Community College
Marjorie Stoneman Douglas Highschool
Oxford Highschool
Robb Elementary School
13 States
169 students and educators DEAD
How ? with guns !
guns don't kill people 
lawmakers you will NEVER
convince the relatives of the dead
that their,son,daughter,brother, sister,mother,father was primarily murdered strictly by the "actions" of a mentally unstable person
the bullet that entered their body WASN'T the means 
to their end
gun loving
who me enraged ?


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11 thoughts on “23 years later…

  1. Scotland has its issues, but this was one that was dealt with swiftly and effectively after the Dunblane tragedy. Are there still guns on the streets of Scotland – yes. Has there ever been another school shooting here since the 1997 law reform – no.
    It’s really that simple. 🖤🖤


  2. How many more? I wonder if there’s a number of dead that will tip the balance toward DOING SOMETHING. Five? Fifty? Five hundred more? GAHHHHHHHH!! (Sorry for yelling. You wrote a powerful post!)

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    1. I doubt it matters. Gun owners only care about one thing, keeping their guns. I have less of a problem with people that own guns and regulations on ownership. The real problem is accessibility to these assault rifles. They need to curtail production and distribution and make it illegal for shops to sell that kind of gun specifically. Or we could go by the way of Scotland in 1997 that approved hunting rifles only for sale and sqashed every other kind of weapon, the only acess being if you choose to go to a shooting range.

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