Food for Thought: Grilling…

Well it was another dinner and a movie over at my brother’s.

I decided Tex Mex, they have a grill so I marinated boneless skinless chicken breasts (because my BROTHER-IN-LAW Earl doesn’t like thighs) with fajita seasoning, olive oil and lime. I also grilled onions and peppers seasoned with portobello mushroom enhanced olive oil (courtesy of my brother).

My brother provided a side of yellow rice.

I set up an area to add fixings provided by me were tortillas, cheese and limes. My nephew who works at Moe’s Southwest Grill provided Nachos, Queso, Pico, Cilantro, and two kinds of Salsa.

For dessert my wife baked a 3 ingredient cake (not pictured) consisting of Cocoa, Angel Food Cake Mix & Cherry Pie Filling (topped with vanilla chocolate chip Gelato courtesy of my brother).

My wife enjoyed dog time with their pitbull Mocha, the food was great, especially being that I had the luxury of using a grill on what was thankfully not sweltering by 6pm.

Our movie was the 1985 Gore Comedy Horror Flick H.P. Lovecraft The Reanimator.

Grilled Chicken Fajita with Yellow Rice

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