Random #0202 ode to Charmer…

"...You're always letting us humans down
The wars you bring, the babes you drown
Those lost at sea and never found
And it's the same the whole world round
The hurt I see helps to compound..."

A record breaking 95° scheduled for today here in Pennsylvania.

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8 thoughts on “Random #0202 ode to Charmer…

    1. Yeah, great song about atheism. Not that I am one. But kinda fit my mood for this pending heat wave…I recall you being in the South East…we’re neighbors I’m in Allentown.

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  1. Aw, thanks for the shout out! 😁

    I don’t think I’d heard this song before (I don’t really know much about the artist) but yes, I can see from the lyrics why you chose it 👍

    Hope you manage through the heatwave ok 🖤🖤

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      1. Ah, no way!

        I’d googled the lyrics and it came up with Sarah Mclachlan. She was the artist I meant – I’m vaguely aware of who she is but I have zero interest in her music.

        XTC I know, of course, but that being said I only know a couple of their songs – this one not being one of them.

        You live you learn I guess 😁🖤

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