Hidden Talent: Weekly Showcase #15.5 Bonus…

Miniature Skeleton Microfilm QA Tech. A cart with tied tiny newspaper, very tiny reel to reels holding microfilm over a light box, tiny box to hold the film, tiny scissors, tiny splicer, tiny microscope next to a garbage can filled with bad spliced microfilm scraps.

I wanted to include this in the series, because it was made by an employee that was let go a month ago. She was set to appear in the art show most likely with another miniature. This incredible piece of art is in a glass Showcase when you walk into the office with other bits of memorabilia of the changes of the business in the last 30 years.

I had the pleasure of working with this artist when I did a stint in the Microfilm QA dept. She then followed me to digital but it wasn’t a good fit for her and she last ended up in the metadata department which unfortunately wasn’t a good fit either.

Miniature Microfilm QA Technician by the incredible Amy Capwell.

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