The Terrible Poetry Contest (SONNET LXVI BY PABLO NERUDA)…

This week’s Contest was to take a famous poem by a famous poet and the first line from that poem & the rest by yours truly. I chose SONNET LXVI by Pablo Neruda. I decided to record the Spanish version. I will be submitting the English version.

Sonnet LXVI

I do not love you except because I love you
because if I love you, then I love that I love you ?
Because love is what is considered
the opposite of hate & I'd hate to deeply hate you with the hatred of hate that you can only find within what is deemed love!
The love of hate of the hate that I love is my soul desire,such a fool for love & hate.

Published by M.

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24 thoughts on “The Terrible Poetry Contest (SONNET LXVI BY PABLO NERUDA)…

    1. Well thanks, I was trying as usual to be awful, but my offline friends who likes as “Becketts daughter” emailed me to tell me she loves what my poem means, which I find hilarious because there is no meaning. Hell, there wasn’t even a thought process writing this. Lol

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    1. The original in Spanish is as such :
      No te quiero sino porque te quiero
      y de quererte a no quererte llego
      y de esperarte cuando no te espero
      pasa mi corazón del frío al fuego.

      Te quiero sólo porque a ti te quiero,
      te odio sin fin, y odiándote te ruego,
      y la medida de mi amor viajero
      es no verte y amarte como un ciego.

      Tal vez consumirá la luz de Enero,
      su rayo cruel, mi corazón entero,
      robándome la llave del sosiego.

      En esta historia sólo yo me muero
      y moriré de amor porque te quiero,
      porque te quiero, amor, a sangre y fuego.

      And in English:
      I don’t love you only because I love you
      And from liking you to not liking you I come
      And from waiting for you when I do not
      goes my heart from cold to hot.

      I love you because I only love you,
      I hate you without an end, and while hating you I beg you,
      And my wandering heart’s measure
      is not seeing you and loving you blindly.

      Perhaps it will consume January’s light,
      its cruel lightning, my entire heart,
      robbing me the key to calm.

      In this story only I die,
      and I will die of love because I love you,
      because I love you, dear, to blood and fire


      1. I don’t speak Spanish,I just read it well. Although I did study Spanish for 4 years when I was younger, had friends and dated girls who spoke it. My wife minored in Spanish in College, every once in awhile she thinks and speaks to me lol. Mostly I have no clue what she is saying to me. I can read it, speak it and understand it but not fluently, the same goes for Arabic and Sign Language.


    1. Being someone that writes poetry well, these contests tend to be quite a challenge. I am never one to turn down a challenge. I have also won quite a few of these. You should give it a try.


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