Three times too many…

My wife is wearing a shirt of two hugging sea otters called “Commitment”, designed by me.

I enjoyed spending time with friends to celebrate our birthdays yet again, but three times this month was excessive. I told myself if there are snacks for game night, just a eat a slice of the ice cream cake. My wife brought pineapple and grapes. Our friend Ben brought large chocolate chip cookies, but our host’s the Brothers Ritchey sigh, too much temptation.

You know how hard it is for a fat person to abstain ? Everyone at this get together was a degree of fat. No one had any willpower.

I tried for about 15 minutes, kind of a record.

Then I had the fruit.

I was okay but when Ben showed up with cookies, I ate one slowly and that right there was downfall leading to this feast:

Two breaded pickles

Two mozzarella sticks dipped in marinara

6 breaded mushrooms dipped in ranch

A handful of chips

A raspberry seltzer spritzer

A small piece of ice cream cake, a second piece, another cookie for the ride home and dare I say it another piece of ice cream cake (2 slices left, Jess had both seconds and the last)

If you find yourself in a situation where there is a crap load of crap food, how do you step away ?


Happy guilt ridden Birthday

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16 thoughts on “Three times too many…

    1. We were at our friends house, 🏳️‍🌈 Mark & his brother Eric Ritchey. So, i will tell them they got an international compliment on their interior decorating style 😉


  1. I guess it’s a good thing that sugar gives me heartburn. I rarely find sweets tempting. But pasta? Good lawd that’s difficult! For me, the “trick” is to eat nothing.
    I won’t let myself have even acup of water from Carls/Hardees because I know I’ll be back on their food twice a day. I haven’t had it in about 10yrs but pass it every day and rhe temptation is still thete.

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    1. Yeah I know right, I haven’t had any fast food burgers since I saw that film Fast Food Nation, about 20 years. Normally salty items are more my saboteur. Like if they only had chips, there would’ve been none left.


      1. Oh man, well that’s bad. I don’t stock crap good in my home. I have never done something like that.


      2. When I lost weight in the 80s, I met my trainer because he was our primary supermarket cashier. Whenhe got me dieting, he’d pull bad foods out of my mother’s shopping cartso they wouldn’tbe on the house and tempting me.

        Most of my poor eating is based on it being faster/easier than prep, cook, and clean. If I hadn’t figured out that peanut butter was the source of most of my GI issues, I’d probably lie on pb sandwiches.


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