Strange Nightmares/Dreams Dept. …

I am at work standing in a dark hallway next to two take up reels and light table for microfilm, there is a guy developing photos which are red prints. He tells me the out of focus guy in the photo is the son of Satan (Avi Santani (aka Theme from The Omen) by Jerry Goldsmith starts playing, change to 3rd person point of view and the man pulls out a dagger and is about to stab me.

I woke myself up out of that dream with a racing heart. (It was hard to get that ear worm out of my and fall back asleep because I love that song).

Eventually back in dream land, my wife and I are looking at empty curio cabinets that we know someone stole from us but in return left 10 bundles of diapers stacked near a wall, we discover a zip tied locked room and open the door finding a giant box with all of missing items inside.

I have the oddest dreams some times.

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