When darker clouds hovering over someone else, are harder to clear away…

Vexed, by lack of mirth  
thoughts, that race real fast  
hides, her joy with dearth  
snide, and full of sass  

Wu Yen Shih: Wu Yen Shih is an expansion of the Ssu Yen Shi form from the Lu Shi code. Written in no more than 3 quatrains usually only 1 quatrain 5 character lines composed of mono-syllable words Caesura after the 2nd word. The rhyme scheme is abab.

Published by M.

© Matt Snyder aka M. and aprolificpotpourri.art 2020-2022. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Absolutely No Excerpts and links may be used without explicit consent from Matt Snyder or litigation will be pursued.

4 thoughts on “When darker clouds hovering over someone else, are harder to clear away…

    1. I read all my work to her, she’s not a poetry person but she does appreciate anything I have to say. The good of it is those dark clouds finally parted.


      1. That’s nice to have. I think my wife would be the same but usually she only asks me to read when she is trying to fall asleep 😂


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