Short Story Saturday (later edition):A Skittle Adventure #2/How To Get Yourself Off With a Phone App in Midlife…

A grab bag of the poetry and short stories of Tetiana Aleksina & Tony Single from their amazingly creative blog

Copyright 2014-2021

How To Get Yourself Off With a Phone App in Midlife: A 61 year old woman makes some astounding discoveries with a meditation app.

By Natalie Wester Copyright 2021-22

Published by M.

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21 thoughts on “Short Story Saturday (later edition):A Skittle Adventure #2/How To Get Yourself Off With a Phone App in Midlife…

  1. I am cracking up, Matt! You are so talented! Your voices elevated my little blog posts into entertainment. What a great choice of voice — and totally like me IRL, digressing and forgetting what I was talking about. I’m still laughing. So honored you read my posts on your podcast. Thank you!💜

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      1. By the way I tried reading your vampire, witch and werewolf story, but didn’t realize how long it was. So it will make up a portion of my 75th special episode with a link to your story so people could read it and finish it if they so please lol


  2. Yet another post where I get 14 likes on WordPress but only three actual listens ? Seriously, these are the moments that make me never want to venture into Podcasting ever again.

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      1. Perhaps, but I doubt it’s a glitch, anchor gives me a pie chart on who listens, how they are listening, how many times, from the same or multiple devices or avenues. Trust me Geoff I’ve gone back numerous times to check, the only times I truly get more than single digit listens is when the author I am featuring cross promotes on their blog. Some do, some have never. It is what it is. I no longer make a profit from because of a problem with Stripe as well.


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