Food For Thought Special: Our Sweet Lil’ Spring Overnight Vacation…

Zoo America Hershey, Pa

A smidgen of animals viewed at Zoo America. The birds were hid away because of an outbreak of the bird flu and the entire Zoo was swamped with ugly black vultures invading the animals space. Definitely not an impressive Zoo to visit.

Hershey Chocolate Town

Trying two candy bars we never had before, my wife also got a bag of strawberry ice cream flavored Hershey Kisses.

The Chocolate Avenue Grill

OMG the food here for dinner was delicious. Being that my wife’s name is Jess she went with the spinach wrap version of her namesake salad and I went with the spinach wrap version of the gorgonzola chicken salad, each with sweet potato fries.

Whose line is it, anyway ? Live at The Hershey Theater

This sold out show was the main reason for our mini vacation, although Joel (younger brother of Bill) Murray pictured on the left with Ryan Styles, Greg Proops & Jeff Davis was replaced for reasons unknown by a very funny Gary Anthony Williams. Although we had looked forward to finally seeing Ryan live, his performance on his birthday no less, was way off, essentially felt like he phoned it in. The show felt shorter than normal at 90 minutes, probably because they didn’t play as many games. This was our second time seeing this show live as well as Colin Mochrey & Brad Sherwood (Both WLIIA? Alumni) who I might add are an amazing improv show to see. Funny, just not hilarious. Definitely not the worst comedy show we ever saw nor the best. The venue was beautiful with comfy seats.

Philip Arthur’s Cafe

So, we booked an overnight stay at The Days Inn which came with breakfast which looked awful, so instead we checked out early and walked about 7 blocks to this joint which was near the place we had dinner Friday night. From now on we are strictly staying at bed & breakfasts. I must say with the overindulgence eating we did, we did over 8000 steps and about 4 miles of walking. Man this place was a dump. It was dimly lit, empty and it took quite a bit of time for our simple breakfasts. Jess had the sourdough french toast with a side of bacon and coffee, her meal was decent. I had a lazy deconstructed smoked salmon on a bagel ? I mean was it so hard to spread the cream cheese and add the capers to the sandwich before serving it to me ? With onion and tomato. Seriously both of our meals were deemed “specialties of the house”. I got a hard boiled egg (with something black on one half) and fresh blueberries (a few were moldy) on the side. Ugh night and day with The Chocolate Avenue Grill. Avoid this joint at all costs.

Duck Donuts

Oh man, these donuts are addictive… Jess was wearing her birthday necklace, so they added the happy birthday. It was a try once and done kind of joint. Bacon Maple, Coconut Pina Colada, Chocolate Confetti, Raspberry Cream Drizzle & Two lemon sunrise’s. Warm, soft, delicious!

Shuey’s Pretzels in Lebanon, Pa

My wife grew up in Rehrersburg, Pa. This pretzel joint was in a neighboring town. The soft pretzel was okay, the hard in my opinion tasted better.

Tokyo Hibachi & Sushi Bar, Wyomissing Pa

On the voyage home, we stopped here for a sushi lunch with Jess’s brother J.P and his girlfriend Danielle (who we finally got to meet). This joint had decent sushi and salad. All in all a nice weekend getaway. We had originally planned to also visit the Hershey Gardens but it was a bit cold and rainy.

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    1. Thanks Kathy…duck donuts was a once and done for us, we have one near us but never went…I figured we were on vacation might as well at least try it. Both of us are going to try to eat healthier on future vacations.

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