Rising Shadows…

I don’t often attend Church services with my wife, but today I am here for Easter services. No one truly looks like they want to be here.

I am not a church goer. My wife grew up in the church having a pastor for a father. My family made attempts but for the most part it wasn’t a major aspect of our life.

I typically go through the motions but have memorized the lord’s prayer. This pleases my wife.

They had (sanitized) communion that I didn’t take part in. The music bores me and no one ever seems like they enjoy singing except for the few that can in the choir. You know me, I prefer the jubilant sounds of Gospel but I’m far from fond of the Baptist Church.

Now we are off to Easter brunch at a Greek Restaurant.

My wife’s Greek omelet warm and delicious, my lobster eggs benedict COLD. The restaurant wasn’t the least bit busy at 11am. How are my potatoes piping hot but my $19 (comped) Benedict was cold. Tasty but cold. I left our waitress a $10 tip for having to work on Easter.

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17 thoughts on “Rising Shadows…

    1. Well in all the services I’ve attended : Presbyterian, Catholic, Lutheran, Universilist, Episcopalian, Greek Orthodox, Ba’hai, 7th day Adventist, Baptist & Non denominational only the Baptist experience did it feel and look like people wanted to be there (normally if anything I enjoy the sermon the most but the Baptist church felt the most unwelcoming so I never returned) of course in this case it wasn’t in a church it was at an outdoor religious festival, when I was an art student in Philadelphia.

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      1. Well I was probably more open and curious in my 30’s that was my period of journey. At 52, I am now content knowing that organized religion just ain’t my bag. I’m basically just like the patriarch, John Walton of The Waltons TV show 😁

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      2. I once dated a Jewish woman and considered converting but that was even worse, they essentially did their best to convince me not to. As for unwelcome it was only the Baptist church.

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  1. We are currently having a Census in the country and one of the questions I was asked what church do you go to? First I found the question interesting on how it started off assuming the populace comprises of regular church goers… second when I mentioned that I wouldn’t I wasn’t a regular churchgoer they couldn’t find that option on the questionnaire and ended up listing it as other since cant live option blank…

    Interesting shadow in the featured image was just thinking about reminds me of a quote on how you should “face towards the rising sun so the shadows fall behind you”


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    1. Gotta love when things don’t have a third option. I had to go through a quiz prior to taking a sleep study ( not but because I had problems sleeping, but things needed to ruled out before I could do testosterone therapy. I basically said I had none of this issues presented to me till I got to the question “When did you start having problems with sleep?” When I tried to answer why I was taking this quiz, it prompted me “please list your age or the year when your problems began”. I decided the hell with that.


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