A glimpse into a process…

How I handle multiple pieces of dialogue in a long story, that I read for the podcast.

Published by M.

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14 thoughts on “A glimpse into a process…

  1. That is a lot of work! Also, the vaccine takes me out of commission each and every time. For a full week, I have some symptom that keeps me from being 100%, so you’re not alone there.

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    1. The only time the Vaccine sucked was Phizer #1..I was down and out for a few days, each sunsequent one hasn’t been as bad..like today my arm felt sore for a moment, now it’s fine. I still feel kind of blah but not as bad as that first time.

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      1. Ok I spoke too soon, today I feel like crap 🫤 need to remember to never schedule any kind of vaccine over a holiday weekend


    1. Yeah I know..it’s been a hoot to get to perform. As I’ve told other people it’d be even better if my audience grew as opposed to dwindled. But it is what it is, it’s mon paying gard work at times, but I truly love it. I’ve had both theater & shirt film acting experience as well as improv comedy experience.

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  2. oh good to see and hear you… I do hear you from the podcast and yep I have always admired how you did the voices ad I have just remembered I was supposed to submit a story from my archives I dont remember which story it was though but something from when I first started my blog.

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