Strange Dreams Dept. #3…

I am skiing… SWITCH TO…I am hanging out with a bunch of female coworkers. I’m lounging in my underwear, nothing new, and I’m not even embarrassed. Everyone else is in nighties. A coworker starts getting naked (in real life she has big breasts in my dream she’s flat-chested) another coworker says next time I’m bringing a blanket so we can all get naked….

SWITCH TO…I am asking my wife…did “so and so” have a mastectomy?

SWITCH TO…I am with my brother and Earl telling them the blanket story and my brother says you’ll end up like the squirrel. He hands me a comic book about a disappearing squirrel. I keep asking him what do you mean?

…SWITCH TO…I’m in the basement of the house I grew up in. I need to wash the clothes I am wearing but I don’t have anything to change into. I start taking my clothes off and an unknown female appears, now I feel embarrassed I don’t want to get naked in front of this person. She leaves I find a tank top and shorts next to the washer, get naked and redressed and wash my clothes.

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23 thoughts on “Strange Dreams Dept. #3…

  1. Do you ever try to figure these dreams out Matt, or just let them go? I’ve had a series of odd dreams that I forget really quickly but they have involved family members a lot, like obscure family that I never see mixed up in odd ways with more current acquaintances. I realize even in the dream that they don’t make any sense. I really should write them down.


    1. I literally woke up this morning and wrote the post as it was fresh in my mind before going to work. I will say though there are some dreams, that I’ve never forgotten. I could write those on a later date if I feel like it.

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  2. Sounds like some of my weird dreams. For quite a while, I have written down the more vivid ones. If I wake from an interesting dream in the middle of the night, I use the voice memo app on my phone to record it because I know if I wait until morning and then try to write it down, most of it will be gone. Ive had a few dreams that inspired a story.

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  3. Strange strange dreams ..
    I can’t seem to remember mine they tend to disappear upon waking i might remember a fleeting flash but it fizzles out the moment I try to grasp at it

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    1. I don’t remember all of them so vividly. Last night I vaguely think i dreamt about looking at moving into a 300 story apartment that was still under construction with the real estate agent insisting we enter barefoot.


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