A Night Calculated to Drive You MAD…

A few months back I sought out a childhood favorite board game I had called The Mad Magazine Game. This game came out when I was in the 4th grade in 1979. It’s a hell of a fun game/it’s the Anti-Monopoly. The object is to lose all your money. The game is for 2-4 players but we had 6.

We decided to make three teams of two people. The thing is there are times when either everyone moves to the left or right which in turn changes the dynamics of each team (players). We started the game as the following teams (My wife Jess and Our Friend Susan, Me and our buddy Mark & Marks Brother Eric, and our friend Keith). By the game end, the brothers were a team, Jess and I were and Keith & Susan were the winners (or losers however you look at it).

A Classic at times hilarious game. Managed to relive my childhood for $5 on eBay with 1 person in their 60’s, 3 people in their early 50’s, 1 person in their early 40’s, and one person turning 40 in April. 😁

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