Weird Dreams (very far from the truth) dept. …

I am bringing my boyfriend home for some hanky panky (a coworker I don’t fancy). My (husband) is an old high school friend of mine who is gay, I tell the boy toy to wait for me inside I have to talk to my brother-in-law (my wife’s brother). He says where should I wait, I tell him in bed. He says how many beds?…I say just one. He says but what about your husband?

Switch to I am in the car telling (my wife’s brother) that I plan to divorce his (brother) [side note, in no way do I consider my wife a man nor do I want to either cheat on her or divorce her, I hate dreams like this] He calls me an asshole and drives off.

Switch to I enter the home and see my husband I say Oh you’re home, he asks Who’s the guy in our bedroom. I say it’s just a friend.

Switch to I am in the house I grew up in and I am talking to my Mom (Mom died in 2002) I’m rationalizing with my Mom that I should save my marriage because even though the sex was great in my first marriage there was constant fighting. [side note #2, I’ve only had one marriage in my life to my wife, the “1st marriage” was my psycho ex-girlfriend from 1988-91] My Mom cuts me off and tells me she doesn’t want to know about my sex life. I start wailing “I should be able to tell you anything, you’re my best friend!”.

I woke up feeling emotionally drained, but I’m in a surprisingly good state of mind.

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