In a happier place…


Our week was topsy turvy
Filled with bouts of worry
But breakthroughs happen
If you have the passion
to feel worthy in your journey

Published by M.

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7 thoughts on “In a happier place…

    1. For her, for me it still a bit gray. Yesterday we had lunch out and the ignorance of the waitress saying “What can I get you ladies?” After a week of major lows my response was an angry “I’m not a woman!” And essentially left zero tip. But after the very delicious meal, It hit me different. As soon as we left, the tears streamed down. That has never happened. Normally it would put me into a rage, but I suppose that was when I didn’t know I had an extra female hormone. My wife said we don’t have to eat here again, and I said if stopped going anywhere when happens I’d have no place to go. I am feeling better though now,on Sunday.


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