Sunday with Sidney…

Well, what can I say except this was an exceptionally cool flick. It’s my first Poitier film to see on the big screen and my second overall (the first being The Defiant Ones). With the recent passing of Sidney Poitier our local art-house cinema, The Frank Banko Alehouse is doing a monthly year-long tribute to the actor.

Philadelphia Homicide Detective Virgil Tibbs (A Black Yankee in the racist south) finds himself initially a suspect in the murder of a white businessman eventually teams up and works with the bigoted police chief to solve the crime. The police in Sparta, Mississippi are more bent on closing cases as quickly as possible despite the proper procedures and lack of evidence.

Chief Gillespie wants to throw the book at petty thief Harvey Oberon (played by Scott Wilson, who I’ve only ever seen act in of all things, The Walking Dead), Tibbs initially suspects cotton plantation owner Endicott, who for heavy racist reasons opposed the building of a factory proposed by the murdered businessman, who would most likely lure Endicott’s slave’s workers to a more prosperous future.

Both men let bigotry nearly cloud their investigative process.

Eventually, the actual murderer is found out. But I don’t want to spoil this great film for anyone. It’s definitely a quick-moving film with a great score by Quincy Jones.

I highly recommend this flick.

Afterward, Jess and I had a late lunch at The Braveheart Pub. She had fig & almond hummus and a Cobb salad, whereas I went more traditional Scottish and had a house salad with Vinaigrette and Bridies over Chips with onion gravy and a side of peas.

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