The Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest: Try a little Kindness…

So being that I won the weekly terrible poetry contest (yet again ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜) I got to once again pick the theme which is compassion and the style which is Cento (or the plagiarized style, stealing a line or lines from other poets and making it your own, every line including my title was stolen. I will note each poet in parentheses after each line.)


Oaths of thy love, thy truth,thy constancy (W.Shakespeare)
Enthroned with him above the skies (J.Newton)
She wept,nor would be pacified (W.Wordsworth)
What is so real as the cry of a child? (S.Plath)
And here you come with a cup of tea (S.Plath)
Let's do each day a kindly deed (R.Service)
But most thro' midnight streets I hear (W.Blake)
Hi-Fi Rolling Stones Ray Charles Beatles (A.Ginsberg)

Fleetfooted quicksilver,God of transience (A.Ginsberg)
I told my wrath, my wrath did end (W.Blake)
We REAL cool (G.Brooks)
Does my sassiness upset you? (M.Angelou)
Well,son, I'll tell you (L.Hughes)
Your love,and recompense the moon with mine (PB.Shelly)
Of meadow sweet and white anemone (O.Wilde)

Published by M.

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