Favorite Movie Lines Dept. …

Sometimes dialogue just sticks with me. But this exchange between 2 two-year-olds is still hilarious to me. This short came out 89 years ago. It’s Remarkable 😂!

Spanky McFarland gets frustrated telling a story to a kid with a very limited vocabulary. Forgotten Babies (1933)

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12 thoughts on “Favorite Movie Lines Dept. …

  1. I didn’t know this is where I picked up “ReMARkable!”

    My fave, I believe also Spanky, is “Mary had a little lamb, it’s fleece was white as snow. And if you hollar Let Im Go, well eeny meeny miney moe! It followed her to school one day. It was against the rules. And if you hollar Let Im Go, well eeny meeny miney moe!”

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  2. This is great. My two-year-old just spouts random associations when he talks lately, like saying, “Twinkle-twinkle widdle sar how I wonner what you are” WHENEVER he says the word “star” -even mid-sentence. It’s like the word has to be attached to everything he knows about it!

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