The Terrible Poetry Contest: Cinnamon oh snatcher of hats…

Because I won the last contest I was told to come up with a new style & theme for the next contest. I chose Golden Shovel Style and The Family Pet. This is a poem about the family dog (originally my brother’s when he was 15, but when my brother moved out at 27 to get married he left the dog with me & my parents. Cinnamon lived with us from 1980 to 1993. Sadly I was there at the vet, petting him when he had to be put down because of illness).

My Parents, Cinnamon & me. Christmas 1980.

~After Percy Bysshe Shelly “Music, when soft voices die”


My  bark was that of which soothing ear of Music,
Thinking back I was with them when?
My beautiful brown fur to the touch be soft 
The neighboring howls, rejoice in their voices 
That rodent, that Squirrel who we, us despise must die,
An exit defeated this collar it Vibrates
Oh, but who is that peering in? 
It's my young master Matt wearing a hat, that walk in the park the memory—
Roadkill to rub in with wonderous Odours, 
if not now when? 
Lost in dog park thoughts and that for which his hat looks sweet 
Do not be deterred by the beauty of the garden of violets 
I leap, I snatch, poor little boy his hat in my mouth,I am victorious master Matt begins to sicken. 

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